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A Google Cloud Commerce Platform




Interaction Designer

I joined Google as an interaction designer (contract) in June 2017. I am dedicating design the next version of Orbitera which is a Google Cloud Commerce platform and strategize Cloud Reseller experience. 


In day to day work, I collaborate closely with product managers, project managers, engineers, interaction designers, UX researcher, and UX writer. 


Orbitera acquired by Google at 2014 and become part of Google Cloud Commerce Platform team. Orbitera provides a commerce platform that makes buying and selling software in the cloud simple, seamless and scalable for all kinds of businesses, including independent software vendors, service providers and IT channel organizations.


Orbitera has two portals which provide different user needs based on the company’s archetypes.  As a seller (ISVs, resellers, distributors) they always interactive with Admin portal which allows them to manage their products, view/download billing reports, manage their customers/partners and so on. On the other side,  as an end-customer who wants to buy the seller's product can log into the customer portal to view their invoice, manage subscriptions and so on.

The highlighted purple boxes are the projects I have worked on. 80% of the projects are released in public today and received positive feedback from the user.


Orbitera team is working on the version 2 of the product and release it with phases (Orbitera 2017 review). One of the Orbitera version 2 goals is to materialize the user interface and user interaction. Below are few key projects I worked on and released:


  • Orbitera Dashboard V2

New Orbitera Dashboard introduced a brand new experience which aligns with other Google products. In this project, I did a clickable prototype which used in Cognitive Walkthrough research. We iterated the design based on the research insights and recommendations. Read blog post

  • Price Book Management V2

The Price book is a list of products/SUKs and their associated prices. Each Cloud Provider has its Price book. In Orbitera, we allow our client to customize the Price book and assign it to their downstream resellers or customer. 

  • Budget Management

Budget management is a new feature that designed to be used by Resellers to help customers control costs. The Resellers can use Budgets to manage a unified view of their costs and usage across multi-cloud for either specific customers or cloud providers. Read blog post

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Multi-cloud Billing

  • Flexible dashboards and reports

  • Custom pricing and support plans

  • Cost and budget management

White-label Marketplace

  • Post solutions on multiple cloud providers

  • Provisioning for cloud infrastructure

  • Product sharing between marketplaces

Reseller Operations

  • N-tier re-billing

  • Customer & Partner management

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