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Patient Portal

A B2C web platform






UI/UX Designer & Product manager

Worked closely with the Design director and Product director

LIVE [Product link]


Patient Portal is a B2C web platform which offers patient immediate access to their health records, allow them to schedule appointments, pay bills, and enable secure conversations with providers. The product is ALIVE! check it out.


I have involved the whole product life cycle, from define use cases to build wireframes, create the prototype, conduct usability testing and iteration prototype, then design interface. This is a responsive product, the user will be able to use it across all the devices.


I was the product manager and UX/UI designer who in charge of this project. On the product management side, I worked with the Product Director to create the product roadmap, define the onboarding/provision flow, information structure, and map out crucial user journeys. On the UX/UI side, I worked closely with our Design Director to design the platform identity, and manage/assign project to another Jr. designer who reported to me. 


I particular designed the Dashboard, Appointments, Patient Forms, and the onboarding pages.


Appointments give patients access to their past and upcoming appointments. Enhance their experience with the option to request or confirm an appointment.

​We did a usability testing for this section by using We want to validate does the user gets the timeline idea, does the user able to read the visual signals for different appointment states, etc. We got positive feedback overall, and the left screen shows the final solution iterated based on the testing result. 


A place where the patient can review the notifications and the next to do items. 

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