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Spirion Spyglass

A B2E product dashboard redesign




Sole UI/UX Designer


4 months

Spirion is a leading provider of enterprise data management software to help business reduce their sensitive data footprint and proactively minimize the risks, costs and reputational damage of successful cyberattacks. 

They requested me to redesign their dashboard in order to present on the Black Hat USA 2016 and now the dashboard new version is in production!

OBJECTIVE    Create a dashboard that presents a visual reporting of user definable side-by-side components on a single page layout. The dashboard components should include a variety of chart types with clear data visualization. 

RESULTS    At the beginning, Spirion only wants me to quick design a dashboard prototype for the Black Hat show. However, they really like my initial design outcome and asked me to continue working on the product. Today, the new dashboard already in production! Please check their website to view more detail. 


The biggest challenge is how being able to consolidate all these different bits of data into a single page dashboard.

I have thought how to blend data from multiple sources for a holistic view and what's the best type of charts or graphs to represent each data.


I start with analysis all those data/content. Imagine to be a story designer, I reference the experience profile 

research. And spend hours with the client in order to comprehensive understand all the complicated numbers, their goals, the information they want to present before opening any design tool. 

Below is the requirement document I received from the client: 


We decided to put 6-8 widgets on the dashboard. Therefore, I began with discovering the various of layouts. Here are some of the observed layouts:

Flexibility / Endless options (1280px)

Holistic priorities (1920px x 1080px)


I created two alternative versions based on the screen size. 

1920px x 1080px

1280px width endless


It was designed for a show, however, it's in production. Check it out! Click here to see.


"Wenting Wang helped design the visuals for our updated Console dashboard interface. Her design ideas were excellent recommendations and she was extremely timely with all deliverables. She made it easy to communicate and collaborate on this project and would happily work with her again."

Todd Feinman, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder

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